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Love knots represent the interwining by marriage of husband, wife and God.

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The GTO Cord O’Three Love Knot is a great reminder that “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” (Ecclesiastes 4:12 (HCSB)). These Swedish love knots are crafted from handmade rope and then braided with two natural color and one scarlet rope, representing the intertwining by marriage of husband, wife and God.

The SMALL Love Knot is handcrafted and measures approximately 3″ x 5″. This size is perfect for attaching to the refrigerator or other metal surface to be a daily reminder of the truth of Ecclesiastes 4:12, that a “cord of three strands is not easily broken.”

Years ago we were fascinated by a rope maker at Dollywood demonstrating his craft by involving adults and children from the crowd in the weaving of ropes. One person would stand in a small movable cart with three strands of rope attached, each to a separate hook, while another volunteer stood at the other end with the three strands on one hook. As both turned their handles, the strands wound together to make a rope.

While the winding was in progress, the rope-maker would use a wooden mallet with three grooves to guide the three strands of rope together to make a consistent, sturdy three-stranded rope. The rope-maker would be involved in the whole process from one end of the rope all the way to the other end shaping the rope as he traveled from one end to the other.

The process took all three people doing their part as the rope-maker masterfully joined the three strands as they all came together. We asked him to weave a three stranded rope with two manila strands representing husband and wife and the third a crimson strand representing God. The resulting rope was then tied into a Swedish Love Knot which is made with three loops, representing God in the top loop and husband and wife in the two side loops, all wound from one piece of three-stranded rope.

This Love Knot beautifully represents the union of God, husband and wife as it pictures God, the master Rope-Maker, securely joining a Christian husband and wife together as they share their life together in Him. A rope thusly woven is not simply hard to break – it is impossible to break because God Himself is that Third Strand and He will never break!

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