Experiencing Sexual Intimacy Webinar Series


Find out what God’s design truly is for romance and physical intimacy in marriage.



Have you ever wondered what was God’s design for romance and physical intimacy? Experiencing Sexual Intimacy is a candid, informative 7-part series that will help you discover how to unlock a more romantic, vibrant and fulfilling sex life in your marriage.

God – the author of the Bible – is the Creator of sex. Because sex is His idea and His gift to married couples, we want you to embrace His perspective of married sex and become the great lovers He has designed you to be. God wants you to enjoy His gift to its fullest in your marriage. Remember, in God’s design, the “Big O” is Oneness!

  1. Barriers & Bridges to Romance – Discover the barriers to romance in your marriage (and learn how to build bridges over them!) so you and your spouse can develop a closer, more romantic relationship.
  2. Celebrating Sex Explore why God gave the gift of sex and how He intends us to celebrate our oneness in marriage.  In God’s design, the big “O” is oneness!
  3. From Good Sex to Great Sex – Study the art of making love and increase your fun by improving your skills.
  4. Sex Busters and BoostersLearn to recognize the “Sex Busters” in your relationship and replace them with “Sex Boosters” that will enhance your sexual intimacy.
  5. 7 Secrets of Great Lovers All great lovers have some definite characteristics in common. Find out what they are – for they are the keys to unlocking a romantic, vibrant and fulfilling sex life.
  6. More Secrets of Great Lovers We were thinking of calling this session “From Great Sex to Glorious Sex,” but frankly, that was just too much to live up to. So just consider this session a post-graduate course on sexual intimacy.
  7. Frequently Asked Questions This session covers 12 of the most often asked questions GTO has received about sex. Consider these the questions you never knew who to ask!

Each session is approximately 1.5 hours long and comes with a fill-in-the-blank listening guide to help you follow along. Our on-demand format allows you to watch at your convenience. Biblically-based teaching punctuated by humor and real-life applications make these online marriage workshops effective tools to strengthen your marriage.