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Rules of Engagement: 7 Rules for Fighting Fair

Learn 7 rules for fighting fair that will help you remember your mate is NOT your enemy.

How to Handle Anger: Ways That DON’T Work

When it comes to handling anger in a healthy way, you must recognize and understand the ways that DON’T work before you can change them to ways that DO work.

A Cure for Power Struggles

Learn how to stop striving against each other and work together as a team

What Did You Expect?

When we hang on to our expectations, we guarantee we will struggle with anger. There’s only one way to win this battle.

How to Handle Differences

Nothing pushes anger buttons quite like trying to remake someone.  That says you don’t think they’re good enough the way they are. This webinar teaches you how to respect the differences.


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How to Handle Anger  (3 part series)

Learn about anger and how to handle positively

Fighting and Conflict (3 part series)

Learn how to fight fair and break the cycle of fighting

Anger and Conflict (6 part series)

Learn how to navigate the troubled waters of anger and conflict to achieve growth, not destruction, in your relationships



The Truth About Anger

An honest look at anger

Faces of Forgiveness (Part 1)

What are the rules about forgiveness?  And who exactly are we supposed to forgive?

Faces of Forgiveness (Part 2)

Forgiveness also means releasing our resentment and bitterness against our debtors

Communication That Fuels the Fire

Six patterns of communication that fuel the fires of conflict.  In other words, six ways we don’t talk—or listen—right.

Reconcilable Differences

Learn about conflict, why we have it and what to do about it.