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Forever Families

Considered one of the most sought-after couples in the area of marriage and family enrichment, Jeff and Debby McElroy offer a variety of conferences that have been used across the nation to revive the family and unite the family of God.

Marriage Enrichment

Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM)

AMFM is committed to encouraging, training and equipping the church to build marriage and family ministries that are relevant to the needs of the culture. No longer can we afford to minister based on what the statistics were 25 years ago, we must meet the culture at their greatest point of need, in their relationships, marriages, and families.

Smart Marriages

Directory of conferences, seminars, education courses, providers, school and youth courses. Articles, tapes, video tapes and books available.

National Marriage Center

Certified marriage educators provide training, skills and knowledge to individuals, couples and families who need to explore and solve relationship problems. The goals at each of our centers are to teach couples to understand their differences, lessen marital and relationship conflict, and improve marital satisfaction, along with providing a more stable environment for the couple as well as their families.

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family provides relevant Christian advice on marriage, parenting and other topics. Find practical resources for every age and lifestage.

Marriage Missions

This Christian marriage website seeks to help those who are married and those preparing for marriage to be PRO-ACTIVE in helping to save marriage from divorce and to enrich it by offering INSPIRATIONAL, skill-building information which REFLECTS the HEART of CHRIST.

Marriage Intensives / Marriage in Crisis

Winshape Marriage

WinShape Marriage and WinShape Retreat provide the hospitality, seclusion, and prayer support for couples intensives programs. These programs provide in-depth counseling for couples in crisis who need healing and restoration in their marriage. The power of the “Marriage Intensive” model has been experienced by thousands of couples.

Faith Family Ministries

Faith Family provides the ideal setting for a personalized retreat in a picturesque area of Fort Mill, South Carolina. We lead individuals through the healing process as Christ, the Wonderful Counselor, sets them free.

Forever Families

Forever Families’ Regeneration Experience is an in-depth, Christ-centered approach focused on helping couples in crisis get the help and hope they need to restore their marriage.



Resource to find Christian counselors in your area.


Marriage Mentor Training

Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM)

This ministry team is comprised of couples who are passionate about training marriage mentor couples in the local church for the purpose of mentoring other couples. Through the continuing development of a variety of training and educational resources they provide quality marriage mentoring training for couples in local churches including mentoring for premarital couples, stepfamily couples, troubled marriages and marriages who want to go from good to great!

Marriage Mentoring Academy

Online course by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot that will certify you to become a marriage mentoring couple.


Marriage Ministry Leadership

Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM)

The most fulfilling yet often overlooked leadership team can begin with you and your spouse. The focus of the “Couples In Leadership” Ministry Team is to coach clergy couples and lay leadership couples to rediscover their joint vision and reignite their passion for doing a ministry together. Our training is delivered through in-person workshops, coaching by phone, professional presentations and resources.

Engaged Couples

National Premarital Institute

Couples who participate in a marriage preparation class are less likely to divorce. Our educational program is best defined as knowledge and skills-based training, which aims at providing couples with information on ways to improve their relationship.


Equally Yoked

Equally Yoked© is a social club for Christian singles with thousands of members. Join meet like minded singles in your area and across the nation.

At we’re more than just a site for Christian dating, we’re a Christian personals community where you can find singles that share your values and love for God in Christ. We are always working to help you build a strong relationship with other Christian singles.