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Welcome to, your home for Christian marriage resources since 1983. We exist to help couples around the world prepare for and strengthen their marriages.

We invite you to take a look at our marriage webinars which feature over 50 hours of practical Biblical teaching on marriage-related subjects such as communication and conflict resolution, physical and emotional intimacy, and spiritual connectedness. We also invite you read through our articles, romantic tips, and be sure to check out our exclusive 3-part Oneness Wedding Candle and the interactive couple’s study, Experiencing Oneness.


Real Solutions for Life and Marriage
  • Is your marriage simply a contract? Or is it an unbreakable covenant…a three-way unbreakable covenant with the two of you and God Himself? That’s what God longs for it to be so He will help you make your marriage a covenant.
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Life's True Joy
  • Everyone seeks happiness, but true joy comes only from investing your life in others. Yes, we can accomplish so many things, but true joy comes like Paul tells us – from putting others’ interests above our own (Phil. 2:4).
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View our huge archive of Romantic Tips sorted by Love Language! Whether your mate’s love language is Time, Touch, Affirmation, Service or Gifts, you can find a tip especially tailored for him/her. Visit the Archive!

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Speak Words of Life

by Harold & Bette Gillogly Your tongue has the power to speak life.  It also has the power to speak death.  That’s what Proverbs 18:21 says, and it is absolutely true!  Have you ever thought about the ramifications of this truth?  That when you criticize your spouse or kids, you are speaking death to them, killing their spirits, one criticism at a time. Do you want to speak death or do you want to speak words of life?  If you... Read more →

4 Secrets That Will Make Your Family Happier

by Harold & Bette Gillogly Are you longing for your normal routine?  Haven’t seen much of that for months now, have we?  Not with this Covid-19 virus still going strong.  Have you noticed that family life can really get out of whack without our “normal routines”? We want to offer you 4 “secrets” you can put into practice right now that will make your family a lot happier, even with your “normal routines” out the window.  These are straight out... Read more →

Thanks again for all the wonderful insights on how to maintain oneness with your mate. They have helped us tremendously in our relationship with each other and with our relationship with Jesus.

While my husband and I have been attending your classes for several years, we just last year decided to begin [your] Bible study workbook “Experiencing Oneness.” I can’t begin to express to you what it has meant to our marriage of 25 years. We now give them as wedding gifts.

…the seeds article from your newsletter I received this afternoon…feels like a slap in the face, and for that, I must tell you wholeheartedly, “Thank you!” Thank you for your simple, [understandable] guidance for how to make my participation in our marriage better…more godly, more loving, more giving, more fulfilling!

We were thrilled with the Marriage Leader Training from GTO! Where else could we go to be trained in marriage ministry AND be given ready-to-use materials? The training offered all we needed to begin ministering to other couples in our church and community.