Spiritual Intimacy for Permanent Bonding - Marriages

Spiritual Intimacy

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Getting Closer to God and Each Other: Reading and Praying Together
Intimacy as a couple can only truly be achieved when you develop a deep relationship with God and each other

How to Pursue Spiritual Intimacy
Discover seven essential elements required to attain real Spiritual Intimacy

You + Me = The WE Team
If God has called you into marriage ministry, then He wants you to learn how to really be His team


Spiritual What?
Bonding through spiritual intimacy

The Tie That Binds
Critical elements of spiritual intimacy for permanent bonding

Bonding to the Max
Reading the Word and praying together

How To Connect With God and Each Other
Discover the joy of praying conversationally together

In All Things With Prayer and Supplication
The importance of prayer and Bible reading as a couple