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Two More Ingredients to Make Love Last Forever

Making love last forever.  That’s what you want, isn’t it?  And everything that comes with it?  So what’s the secret?  Putting the right ingredients in gives the right results out!  We talked last week about the first two essential ingredients you need to use.  So let’s get right into the next two ingredients. The Acceptance […]

…So Take Some Friendly Advice

If you read last week’s blog, (and we certainly hope you did!) then you have figured out whether you are an Inside Thinker or an Outside Thinker.  Both ways of processing information carry strengths as well as some inherent problems. If you are an Outside Thinker, your spouse, family and friends may sometimes think you […]

Not All Silence Is a weapon

by Harold & Bette Gillogly Since we tried last week to rattle the cages of those who use silence as a weapon, though they might not even realize it. It’s only fair that this week we explain how not all silence is a weapon. Some silence is because your spouse simply needs time to think […]

How to Handle the Silent Treatment

Whether you are the Silence-er or the Silence-ee, when silence is used as a weapon, everybody gets hurt!  Norm Wright once said that more marriages today are dying from silence than from violence.  He’s right.  Silence can be very flammable and feeds the fires of conflict. Do you use silence to punish your spouse?  Whether […]

Pride – the Deadliest of Sins

Ever wonder why “deadly sins” are called “deadly sins”?  It must be because they are …well …deadly. Capable of destroying you.  Take for instance, PRIDE.  It might just be the deadliest of all sins. Why do you think that is? In Proverbs 6:16-19, God lists 7 things He hates, and the first one He lists […]

How to Get Those “Forgivey Feelings”

So you chose to forgive, but you still don’t have those “forgivey feelings”?  You didn’t wake up one morning and say, “I’m not going to feel resentment toward that guy anymore”?  That’s because it simply doesn’t happen that way.  Want to know the secret to “feeling forgivey”?  Your feelings will change only as your BEHAVIOR […]