Marriage Leader Training 7 Webinar Series

Trains Marriage-Ministry Couples to Effectively Lead and Teach Other Couples.

GTO has developed a practical, Biblical, affordable marriage leader training course to equip couples to be effective lay marriage ministers and teachers…marriage missionaries in their local churches.  Drawing from 30+ years of ministry to couples, Harold and Bette Gillogly share their knowledge and methods for ministering to couples in a 7 part webinar training course.

In This Webinar series you will learn to:

“Throughout your instruction we learned how to be prepared, we practiced for effective teaching and we received resources for continued growth. The program was thorough in every detail, reaching far beyond our expectations….We are renewed in our commitment that God’s timing is now for us to bring marriage enrichment into our home church.” Mark & Rita W., Georgia

Six Webinar Summaries

You + Me = The WE Team

Since God has called you to be husband and wife teams to help others, He wants you to learn how to really be His team. We will help you examine some new concepts and processes that will help you become the team He wants you to be.

Why Marriage Ministry is Essential to the Great Commission

Strong families and marriages are foundational to a strong church and its ability to reach others with the gospel. Learn why marriage ministry is so vital in fulfilling the Great Commission in this informative webinar.

Five Steps to Effective Marriage Ministry in Your Local Church

There are 5 key components to a successful marriage ministry in the local church. Following this strategy will help you and your team build a strong framework for an effective marriage ministry in your church.

Getting Closer to God and Each Other: Reading and Praying Together

You cannot lead beyond where you yourselves are as a couple. That’s why it’s important for leader couples to develop a deep relationship with God and each other. This session will help make reading the Word and praying together a fun and deepening reality in your marriage.

Seven Secrets of Effective Team Teaching: How to Successfully Teach as a Husband/Wife Team

ANY couple can learn to teach together effectively as a team. It’s not just for the few couples who seem to have been born with a special style for teaching together. These seven secrets will help you learn the skills you need to develop your own style. You will be surprised at how effective you can become by putting these principles into practice…together.

How to Develop Your Teaching Session from Start to Finish

Suppose you are asked to teach several classes together next month on marriage. Where on earth do you start? How do you decide what to teach? How do you put an effective teaching session together? How do you make it interesting and valuable? DON’T WORRY! IT’S SIMPLE! We will guide you step by step in developing your teaching session, whether you want to make someone else’s resource your own or want to start from scratch.

How to Plan for Successful Marriage Enrichment Events

Whether you want to plan a marriage conference, couples’ dinner or a simple date night, you must take many details into consideration. You will also need a team to help you – a team that knows exactly what their responsibilities are. In this webinar, we will help you think through the entire process and develop a template for preparing for any marriage event.

Testimony by Ed & Nixie L., California

We were thrilled with the Marriage Leader Training from GTO! Where else could we go to be trained in marriage ministry AND be given ready-to-use-materials? Harold and Bette Gillogly’s years of marriage enrichment experience is packaged and waiting for you to bring home to your local church and community.

Testimony by Keith & Susan R., South Carolina

We wanted to let you know how we enjoyed the…training….We want to thank you for the support you have given us as a couple. The relationship we have gained with GTO Ministries has helped us overcome struggles with trying to get started in marriage ministries….Last, we want to thank you for your dedication to the Lord!

Get Equipped to Help Couples Grow their Marriage God’s Way!

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Meet the Presenters

Harold and Bette Gillogly

Harold and Bette Gillogly have been involved in ministering to couples since they were married in 1966.  After years of counseling with hurting couples and serving in various couple ministries, they founded GTO (Growing Toward Oneness) Marriage Ministries in 1983.  Since then, they have conducted marriage enrichment programs and placed 50 different webinars up on their website –

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