How To Listen on the Same Wavelength

Do you feel you are listened to? Do you think your spouse would say he/she feels listened to? So…when you feel like your spouse isn’t listening, what do you do? Talk louder? Repeat what you said before? Accuse your spouse of being selfish? Or do you just clam up and file it under “another reason to resent the jerk?” This free webinar gives you a sure-fire, practical way to listen to each other’s heart.

You and your spouse will never grow closer together until you both learn to really listen to each other.

Feeling listened to is the same thing as feeling valued. The reverse is likewise true. Feeling like you are not listened to is the same thing as feeling devalued. You don’t like that feeling one bit, do you? So if we treat our spouse the way we want to be treated, which is commanded by Jesus Himself, then we will want to listen to him or her. Want to know how to do that?

We call it “The Listening Test.” It’s a step by step tool you can learn to use in almost any situation to listen to your spouse’s heart…to understand how he or she really feels and why. We give you simple instructions on how to accomplish this and then we demonstrate the process to help you “get” what we’re talking about.

Note: we said “simple,” not “easy.” You will have to work harder at The Listening Test than you did at simply trying to get YOUR POINT across. Though if you count all the trouble and hurt and misunderstanding that results when you and your mate fight and refuse to listen to each other, then The Listening Test actually is a lot easier!