Getting Closer to God and Each Other

Intimacy as a couple can only truly be achieved when you develop a deep relationship with God and each other. This webinar will help make reading the Word and praying together a reality in your marriage.

This session not only covers the Biblical basis for reading and praying together as a couple, but also offers specific suggestions for HOW to do it joyfully and consistently.  Building habits into your couple routine will bond you spiritually and enable you to grow in your relationship with each other and with God.

The Scriptures will come alive and prayer will become something both husband and wife will look forward to with anticipation.  Developing closeness is a process, not an event in time.  It takes much time for bonding occurs when the “glue” sets – it doesn’t happen when reading God’s Word and praying together is just sporadic events.  It happens when time in Scripture and prayer together becomes a consistent good habit of life together.