How to Win the Battle for Your Mind

Quit letting negative thoughts control your attitude and happiness!

We are in a battle for our minds every single day. We can win this battle by implementing a Biblical plan to overcome the four favorite strategies Satan uses against Christians.

In This Webinar series you will learn to:

“My wife…said that I am angry and not a happy man…. I have allowed myself to be angry and sad over some of the very hard years of just trying to make ends meet. [But] I am encouraged listening to two webinars…. I am using the material to change myself with God’s direction. I want to thank you as your ministry… has provided me with the shred of hope that I desperately have sought to keep going.”  C.B., Alberta, Canada

Seven Webinar Summaries

How to Change Your Attitude

This webinar introduces the idea that changing your thinking will change your attitude and behaviors and starts the process of change.

Is It a Catastrophe or an Inconvenience?

This webinar challenges the thought pattern where negative events get blown all out of proportion. It gives a Biblical strategy to help.

All About Me

This webinar speaks to the tendency to think of a situation only in terms of how it impacts you. More Scriptural help is also provided.


“The first time we saw you… our marriage was on the rocks. By God working through your ministry and the ministry of others, we were able to see that there was a future. We both thank God every day that we attended….” K and S, Lancaster, SC


“Through the training you gave us and God’s miraculous Word we [taught] a conference on Song of Solomon. We talked about different ‘little foxes’ that steal the fruit of our marriages… things that hurt our marriages like bitterness, lack of contentment…. Thanks to your training we feel it was a great conference….” T and M W, Georgia


“I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you have been to us and that we have passed many of your stories and advice on to friends and family. So glad to see that God is still working through you to equip marriages across our country.” L and D W, Virginia

Testimony - Karen S.

“Even though most of the verses I have read before, I was never able to apply them to my life as I am learning to do through your ministry. I thank God for opening my eyes through your webinars and I thank you for being willing to let God lead you to provide this for all who are seeking.”

How Does Jesus Do It?

Jesus says that Isaiah 61 is who He is. HE is the One Who frees captives, Who opens the eyes of the blind, Who releases those who are bound by oppression. This is WHO He is! But HOW does He do it? This webinar gives you practical, understandable, every day ways He can do all this in YOUR life. Find out HOW.

Testimony - Connie M.

I never thought how I see things is really how the Devil wants me to interpret things from my perspective.

How to Stop Losing the Battle for your thoughts!

Meet the Presenters

Harold and Bette Gillogly

Harold and Bette Gillogly have been involved in ministering to couples since they were married in 1966.  After years of counseling with hurting couples and serving in various couple ministries, they founded GTO (Growing Toward Oneness) Marriage Ministries in 1983.  Since then, they have conducted marriage enrichment programs and placed 50 different webinars up on their website –

What are You Waiting For?

Learn ways to deal with anger (yours & others’) without blowing your gasket!