Have you seen GTO’s unique Wedding Candle?

It is the most spiritually significant wedding candle in the world!

   Here’s why – during the wedding candle ceremony, the Bride and Groom each hold half a candle with a wick running up the inside. The Bride and Groom join their lighted half candles to become one candle with the two flames joining to become one flame. The minister then slides the candle sleeve down over their joined halves, representing God joining this couple together. As the candle burns, the melted wax bonds the three candle parts together into one beautiful candle.

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The GTO Oneness Wedding Candle Story

   We call it our GTO Oneness Wedding Candle because it so uniquely depicts Genesis 2:21-24 – “…the two are united into one.” There is no other wedding candle like it. It is truly one-of-a-kind!

   God gave the idea for the GTO Oneness Wedding Candle to Gladys Hughes years ago when she and her husband Milt were watching a Bride and Groom light a middle candle and blow theirs out. Gladys thought to herself, “That’s not what happens!” And immediately, she pictured this unique candle which truly depicts God joining husband and wife into one.

   Gladys made these candles herself for several years, blessing a number of couples’ weddings. And before God took her to glory, she asked us to continue making this beatiful candle so that many more weddings could declare in this unique way the spiritual significance of God joining a couple into oneness. It is not just the Bride and Groom who are blessed. Everyone attending is reminded of God’s good and amazing plan for uniting couples in marriage.

   It is also a wonderful way for couples to celebrate their wedding anniversaries by lighting the candle each year. With over 8 pounds of wax in the combined candle, we figure it should last at least 50 years or more of anniversaries. What a memorable way for couples to celebrate their oneness each year!

   Due to our tight ministry budget, we have never been able to market GTO’s unique Oneness Wedding Candle. Its limited sales have simply been from word of mouth. 25 years ago, God gave us an impression in prayer that our Oneness Wedding Candle would one day bless many, many couples and become a steady source of income for GTO Marriage Ministries. With next year – 2023 – being our 40th year for GTO ministries, we are praying that impression in prayer will be fulfilled!