Seven Secrets of Great Lovers

Not born a natural lover? Don’t worry, most people aren’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to love well! All great lovers have some definite characteristics, what we call the 7 secrets, in common. Find out what they are!

In this webinar Harold & Bette Gillogly talk freely about how to spice up your married love life by applying seven practical suggestions for keeping love alive and healthy. We can all become better lovers to our mates!

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Watch the full webinar to discover the keys to unlocking a vibrant, fulfilling sex life in your marriage. When you learn to better love your mate, you are strengthening your marriage!

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GTO’s 7-part Experiencing Sexual Intimacy webinar series was developed to help couples increase their intimacy and strengthen their marriage according to God’s design. Previously, Harold and Bette have shown you how to build bridges to romance, to celebrate sex within your marriage, and to recognize – and remedy! – “sex busters” in your relationship. The complete Experiencing Sexual Intimacy webinar series can be purchased in the GTO Store for $29.95.

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