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Spoil each other this January

For the Husbands:
I know, Christmas is barely over, but I want to share a very special gift you can give your wife this month…and it won’t cost you a cent. Choose a day she will be out of the house and collect all her shoes. Give each one of them a good polishing and buff them ‘til they shine. Now put them back in her closet and when she gets home, ask her to go look in her closet and see how much you love her. This may seem like a small thing to do for your wife, but it will warm her heart to realize what a loving man she has married!

For the Wives:
If your husband has a hobby, then this month make it a point to encourage him in pursuing it (as long as he isn’t spending an inordinate amount of time and money on it already). Let him know you understand his need to have some space and interests that maybe you don’t really care to share and that he has your blessing. If he doesn’t have a hobby, encourage him to talk about his interests and what might become a hobby for him if he would only pursue it – maybe even suggest a few ideas for him to consider. The point is to affirm him by valuing what he is interested in. Men tend to see their self-worth in what they can do, their capabilities. That’s why valuing what they like to do builds up their self-worth. And that’s a very loving thing to do!

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