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Romantic Tips for Married Lovers

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Communicate Romance in Your Mate’s Love Language!

Keeping romance alive as a married couple is not easy for many of us.  We need help!  You can select these romantic tips for husbands and wives in your mate’s own love language.

Why is communicating romance in your mate’s love language important?  When you don’t speak in their language of love it is like trying to communicate in a foreign language – you understand what you are trying to convey but they have no clue what you are saying.  Often we express our love in a way that we prefer and do not take into consideration what way it is being understood by our mate who receives it.

Love languages defined by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, The Five Love Languages, are the following: Time, Touch, Affirmation, Service and Gifts.  As mates we need to speak and act in our mate’s love language if they are to really understand how much we love them.

When you click on the Button “Find Romantic Tips,” select either “Husbands” or “Wives” for yourself.  Then click the drop-down for “My Mate’s Love Language is:” and select which of the five languages your mate appreciates the most.

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