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Celebrate Your Coupleness!

by Harold and Bette Gillogly

Summer is a terrific time to celebrate being a couple!

Life can get so intense, can’t it?  Maybe your life is full of a lot of “gotta’s.”  We’ve gotta earn a living. We’ve gotta take the kids to soccer. We’ve gotta mow the lawn. Perhaps your life is so full of “gotta’s” that you have pushed having fun together to the very end of your to-do list, like it’s not as important as the “gotta’s.” Wrong! Sometimes it’s the most important thing you can do!

As a couple, you NEED to spend time together! You need regular reminders that it is FUN to be with that person you’re married to. Life can become a chore if all you ever do and all you ever talk about is the important, serious stuff like all the “gotta’s.”

Take time to stroll along a beach together at sunset, hike a trail, sneak off to McDonald’s for a milk shake, or simply take a walk around the block in the cool of evening. Of course, you can find more elaborate, expensive things to do: dinners out, plays, cruises.  All wonderful, but don’t let finances stand in your way of having fun together. It doesn’t take money to have fun!

Spending time enjoying one another’s company will increase your intimacy. It will allow you time to really get to know each other. To talk about deep things, to share stories and discover the mystery of one another. It will give you a long list of “secrets” that only the two of you can share.

So determine together to not let this summer slip away without taking time to celebrate your coupleness by enjoying time with one another.

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