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Prayer Is The Most Powerful Weapon

prayerWhat’s the first thing you do when you get into a predicament? Most of us have to confess that first we panic and then we try to fix things as best we can.

But what is the most powerful thing we can do? What can we do that will wield the most power and yield the most good?

That would be P for PRAYER – not P for Panic!  Prayer is often the last thing we do, that thing we do when all else fails.  But prayer is not a nicety…it is a necessity!  It’s the FIRST thing we need to do – not the last.

The most powerful thing you can do for your marriage…for your spouse…for your kids…is PRAY FOR THEM.  And while you are at it, PRAY WITH THEM.

The king of Assyria was on his way to wipe out Jerusalem.  He bragged that no one’s “god” had been able to stop him yet.  But instead of panicking, King Hezekiah called out to Jehovah God in prayer. AND GOD ANSWERED!  185,000 Assyrian soldiers fell over dead that night – not by the power of Judah’s army, but by the power of God – just fell over dead!  And the Assyrian king took the remnant of his army and limped home with his tail between his legs. (Isaiah 37)

Now if our God can fight for Judah against a horde of warriors, then He can fight for your marriage…your family!  He is waiting for you to ask Him to in faith!  Take God at His word, then watch out!  He will do amazing things at your house!

There is a terrific new movie out by the Kendrick brothers called “War Room.”  We recommend it highly!  It will remind you – in living color – just how powerful prayer really is, especially to your marriage and family.  Go see it with your whole family!