Newlywed Toolkit

Building a Foundation for Lifelong Oneness

Designed especially for engaged and newlywed couples, GTO has collected their most fundamental workshops into a single offering in this toolkit.

newlywed kit

With This Toolkit Newlyweds Will:

  • Learn The Practical Skill of Listening on The Right Wavelength
  • Experience Spiritual Oneness Through Reading and Praying Together
  • Learn How to Relate Well with each Personality Type
  • Learn How to Reach Agreement on Major Decisions
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Getting Closer to God and Each Other

How to develop a close relationship with God and a more permanent bond with each other.
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Webinar Summaries

  • Working with Different Personalities: Effective Use of the 5-minute DISC Test

    Understanding your own and your mate’s personality patterns will help you grow toward oneness. Take an easy D.I.S.C. personality test and discover how different personality types can work together in harmony.

  • How to Listen on the Same Wavelength

    Knowing that you’re listened to is essential to a close relationship. This webinar gives you a sure-fire, practical way to listen to each other’s heart.

  • Getting Closer to God and Each Other: Reading and Praying Together

    Intimacy as a couple can only truly be achieved when you develop a deep relationship with God and each other. This webinar will help make reading the Word and praying together a reality in your marriage.

  • How to Reach Agreement on Major Decisions

    You and your spouse will face many major decisions in your lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice to make them together without strife and discord?!

  • Headship and Submission – Today?

    Biblical principles are timeless so we still must reconcile them to today’s culture and the world we live in. This webinar will help couples understand and practice true headship and submission in today’.

  • Anger and Conflict Webinar Series

    Whenever two people spend a significant amount of time together, anger and conflict are inevitable; however, you can choose how to handle them. You can learn to navigate those troubled waters and achieve growth through the conflict and not destruction. You CAN honor God – and your marriage – in how you handle anger and conflict.

  • Experiencing Sexual Intimacy Webinar Series

    A candid, exciting 7-part series that will help you discover how to unlock a more romantic, vibrant and fulfilling sex life in your marriage. Because sex was God’s idea and a gift to married couples, we want to embrace His perspective of married sex and become the great lovers He has designed us to be. God wants you to enjoy His gift to its fullest in your marriage.

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Meet the Presenters

Harold and Bette Gillogly

Harold and Bette Gillogly have been involved in ministering to couples since they were married in 1966.  After years of counseling with hurting couples and serving in various couple ministries, they founded GTO (Growing Toward Oneness) Marriage Ministries in 1983.  Since then, they have conducted marriage enrichment programs and placed 50 different webinars up on their website -

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