Marriage Webinars

GTO Marriage Ministries offers over 50 on-demand online Christian marriage webinars covering nearly every subject to help couples strengthen and grow their marriage together. Just like a car, your marriage relationship needs regular tune-ups to keep running smoothly and to avoid costly future repairs. GTO’s Fine Tune Your Marriage webinars to help you conduct regular relationship maintenance!

Whether you are seeking marriage advice, trying to save your marriage, or simply wanting to keep marriage issues at bay, most of these online marriage workshops are available to you for free. Plus, the on demand format allows you to watch anytime you want!

What’s a GTO Marriage Webinar like?

Ranging in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes, GTO offers webinars that cover topics such as anger, fighting, relationship skills, communication and many others. Many of these online workshops offer lessons that can be applied to all your relationships, not just your marriage. Listening guides are provided to help you follow along. All webinars conclude with a set of Couple Sharing questions designed to help you and your spouse go deeper in your understanding of each other and your relationship.

Want More?

GTO offers several of their online Christian workshops on the website for free (listed under categories in the right bar), while others are available for purchase in the GTO Store. Purchasing a complete series such as How to Handle AngerWinning the Battle for Your Mind, and Experiencing Sexual Intimacy, provides you with multiple workshops at a greater savings than purchasing them individually.