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Keep On

Keep on…………Be brave……….Hold fast……..Have faith

Pray hard……….Fear not……….Stay strong…..Keep on!

The family that sings this song, below, knows what they are singing about. The father sings from a wheelchair, gripping his microphone with all his might, barely keeping up with each song, missing more than a few notes. But the point is not that he is singing from a wheelchair. The point is that he is singing! After strokes and almost dying, he is still singing. Keep on…..Be brave….

We challenge you to memorize these words for this new year. We have and repeat them often, reminding ourselves that even though life is sometimes hard and often not what we wanted or expected, we – through the power of CHRIST IN US – can keep on. We can be brave, hold fast and have faith. We can pray hard. We can let go of fear. We can stay strong in Jesus. We – and you – can keep on!

(For another example of this see Acts 16:16-25 where Paul & Silas were praying and singing at midnight after being beaten and unjustly thrown into prison)