How to Make your Love Life Sizzle !

Find out how in this 7 part Webinar series

Discover how to unlock a more romantic, vibrant and fulfilling marital love.
God designed marital oneness to be enjoyed to its fullest and there are plenty of “How To’s” in God’s Word.

In This Webinar series you will learn to:

“My wife…said that I am angry and not a happy man…. I have allowed myself to be angry and sad over some of the very hard years of just trying to make ends meet. [But] I am encouraged listening to two webinars…. I am using the material to change myself with God’s direction. I want to thank you as your ministry… has provided me with the shred of hope that I desperately have sought to keep going.”  C.B., Alberta, Canada

Seven Webinar Summaries

Barriers and Bridges to Romance

Discover the barriers to romance in your marriage (and learn how to build bridges over them!) so you and your spouse can develop a closer, more romantic relationship.

Celebrating Sex

Explore why God gave the gift of sex and how He intends us to celebrate our oneness in marriage. In God’s design, the big “O” is oneness!

From Good Sex to Great Sex

Study the art of making love and increase your fun by improving your skills.

Sex Busters and Boosters

Learn to recognize the “Sex Busters” in your relationship and replace them with “Sex Boosters” that will enhance your sexual intimacy.

Seven Secrets of Great Lovers

All great lovers have some definite characteristics in common. Find out what they are – for they are the keys to unlocking a romantic, vibrant and fulfilling sex life.

More Secrets of Great Lovers

We were thinking of calling this session “From Great Sex to Glorious Sex,” but frankly, that was just too much to live up to. So just consider this session a post-graduate course on sexual intimacy.


“I had never thought about how the Author of the Book is the Creator of sex. That’s life changing!” A.W., Wife in South Carolina

Frequently Asked Question

This session covers 12 of the most often asked questions GTO has received about sex. Consider these the questions you never knew who to ask!


“No one else seems to be doing a presentation that is equally male/female presented and does not rely mostly on video….Your way seems soooo much more effective.” Bob M., Husband in Missouri

Meet the Presenters

Harold and Bette Gillogly

Harold and Bette Gillogly have been involved in ministering to couples since they were married in 1966.  After years of counseling with hurting couples and serving in various couple ministries, they founded GTO (Growing Toward Oneness) Marriage Ministries in 1983.  Since then, they have conducted marriage enrichment programs and placed 50 different webinars up on their website –

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