8 Ingredients that Make Love Last Forever

laughing coupleby Harold and Bette Gillogly

Sugar and salt look a lot alike, don’t they?  But what happens if you substitute a cup of salt to your cake recipe in place of sugar?  Your cake is a flop!  Not even the dog will eat it!

Here’s the simple truth. Life is like cake.  You put the right ingredients in.  You get the right results out.

This is especially true of marriage.  In His word, God gives us specific ingredients to make a marriage relationship “tasty.”  Some of them are hard, so we might opt for substitutes that sound, even look, good, but are really no better than substituting salt for sugar.  And when we get the yucky results, we wonder why our “cake” flopped.  But when we use God’s recipe – His word – with the right ingredients – our obedience – we will get the right results.  And they are delicious!

In the next few weeks, we will be blogging about the 8 essential ingredients of a happy, successful, life-long marriage relationship.  And we can tell you these ingredients really work!  We’ve been married 53 years, so we know by experience they work!

We encourage you to follow our blog through August and discover what these 8 ingredients are and how to put them into practice.  We also encourage you to watch our webinar Real Love Walking,( for more help in making your love last forever.