How to Regain Your Spouse’s Trust after Infidelity, Part 1

How do you get TRUST back once it’s been broken by infidelity?  It’s a long, hard rebuilding process – but it IS possible!  There is HOPE.
In the first Webinar (Part 1), we will help you start this process with the first 5 steps you must take immediately as the one who broke trust, as well as the first 4 steps you must choose to take as the one who was betrayed.  The mate who broke trust must realize that there is no cheap forgiveness.  Saying you are sorry and being told you are forgiven is not the end of it.  That is only the beginning, and most spouses who have been cheated on cannot even say they forgive at the beginning of the healing process.  There is just too much hurt.  Hurt can be healed, but it’s a long process and both spouses MUST realize this and be willing to commit to the long haul.


In the second Webinar (Part 2), we will help you with the continuing steps each spouse must be willing and diligent to walk in every day.  If you  take these steps and continue to take the steps in Part 1, and rely on the power of God, your marriage can actually be stronger and closer than it ever was.

In the third Webinar of our series (Part 3), we will address the other issues like anger, abuse, addictions etc. that also break trust in marriage. If these issues have been in your marriage, you must realize you have broken trust with your spouse, for they can no longer trust you not to hurt them, and you must also work hard to rebuild trust. Don’t fool yourself. “I’m sorry” won’t fix it!  We will help you take the steps necessary to rebuild and heal your relationship.