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Demonstrate Love to Your Mate

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Speak in their Love Language

You can best demonstrate love to your mate by speaking in their language. We need help as often we don’t normally speak in their language – we speak in our own! So why not get helpful suggestions in demonstrating our love to them with words and actions in a language they understand theirs.

Love languages defined by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, The Five Love Languages, are the following: Time, Touch, Affirmation, Service and Gifts. As mates we need to speak and act in our mate’s love language if they are to really understand how much we love them, that’s why we need to look for perfect gifts for our loved ones, someone they will really appreciate as gucci handbags for ladies and watches for men.

When you click on the Button “Find Romantic Tips” you should first select either “Husbands” or “Wives” for the kind of tip you want. Then click the drop-down for “My Mate’s Love Language is:” to select which of the five languages your mate appreciates the most.

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