FREE Newlywed Toolkit

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Designed especially for newlyweds, these workshops and book reveal God’s blueprint for building a successful marriage – lasting a lifetime.

Marriage 101: Building a Firm Foundation for Lifelong Oneness

Marriage 101 is a collection of 18 on demand webinars on foundational marriage topics. These workshops reveal God’s blueprint for building a successful marriage, one that will last a lifetime.

Each webinar is filled with Biblical teaching and practical advice to ensure you build your marriage GOD’S WAY!

Kit also includes:

Experiencing Oneness Book

(An interactive couple’s study for deepening intimacy)

This is a book you don’t just read! This is a book you DO! You get to interact with each other through all twelve chapters. You and your spouse will discover answers to dilemmas like: “How do we fight fair?” “How can we make decisions together without conflict?” “How can we develop real intimacy?

All of these questions can be answered when you apply the principles God lays out in His Word. This book can help you apply these Biblical principles in your marriage and find true harmony.

Use this Interactive Study to: