Curriculum for Teaching God's Plan for Marriage

Complete marriage leader's manual for teaching God's principles for marriage.

Achieving God’s Design for Marriage provides practical, “how-to” instruction for leading small and large group teaching sessions, Biblical instruction, small group discussion and couples’ private sharing times. It includes teaching outlines, notes and handouts that make teaching this Biblical, practical resource easy and fun.  It also includes a section on “How to Plan a Weekend Retreat” right down to food buying lists and recipes for large groups.

Couples Together Growing Toward Oneness

This comprehensive manual will enable you to:

  • Plan and Conduct Successful Marriage Events for your church
  • Develop Effective Teaching Sessions on 11 different Topics
  • Recruit a Marriage Ministry Team with Job Descriptions for each Couple
  • Work from a Comprehensive Checklist so no Planning Details are left out
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“My wife…said that I am angry and not a happy man.... I have allowed myself to be angry and sad over some of the very hard years of just trying to make ends meet. [But] I am encouraged listening to two webinars…. I am using the material to change myself with God’s direction. I want to thank you as your ministry… has provided me with the shred of hope that I desperately have sought to keep going.”  C.B., Alberta, Canada

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Communication

    Discover the 6 techniques of communication to avoid and the 4 techniques to practice to succeed in communicating with your spouse.

  • Chapter 2: Thot-Talk

    Learn how to battle the four mind tricks that destroy real connection with the ones you love. Win the battle for our minds that we all fight.

  • Chapter 3: Handling Anger

    Determine which of the 3 causes of anger you practice and find out how to handle your anger in mature, Biblical manner.

  • Chapter 4: Fighting Fair

    When you fight, and every couple does, you can actually find real benefits and increase your closeness. Learn how to not “just fight.”  Learn how to Fight Fair.

  • Chapter 5: Constructive Conflict

    Intimacy CAN be forged through conflict when you apply this chapter’s advice on differences, power struggles, faulty communication and handling conflict constructively.

  • Chapter 6: Couple Decision-Making

    Learn why you need to make couple decisions in marriage.  And when you apply the seven guidelines for doing it you avoid many hasty (bad) decisions.

  • Chapter 7: Romance and Sex

    Apply the practical do’s of keeping romance and intimacy alive in marriage and avoid growing apart through all the stages of marriage.  Plus get advice on over 25 of the most frequently asked sex questions.

  • Chapter 8: Relationship Skills

    Revolutionize your relationships by practicing the ten principles that can turn the negatives around in your marriage. Negatives like criticism, gossip, manipulation, cutting words, failure, etc. – you  can turn them all into positives.

  • Chapter 9: Couple Goal Setting

    Make sure you and your spouse are aiming for the same goals in life! In this chapter, each mate will set goals in nine different areas of life and marriage. You can help each other reach your goals by working on them together.

  • Chapter 10: Commitment

    Love is a decision, not just an emotion.  Learn how to practice love choices by practically ministering to each other.

  • Chapter 11: Spiritual Intimacy

    Explore the seven elements of spiritual intimacy and investigate how your marriage fares in each of those seven areas.

  • Part One

    This two part chapter describes how to use the book and how to plan a marriage retreat, conference or seminar. It refers to comprehensive Appendices in the back of the book which even include job descriptions and food buying lists for retreats.

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Meet the Authors

Harold and Bette Gillogly

Harold and Bette Gillogly have been involved in ministering to couples since they were married in 1966.  After years of counseling with hurting couples and serving in various couple ministries, they founded GTO (Growing Toward Oneness) Marriage Ministries in 1983.  Since then, they have conducted marriage enrichment programs and placed 50 different webinars up on their website -

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