Harold and Bette Personal Update - 4/14/16 |

Harold and Bette Personal Update – 4/14/16

This past month has been challenging as both Bette and Harold have been facing health issues.

Following a mild heart attack, Bette is in her third week of heart rehab, and she finally started to notice a small gain in stamina. Until now, it’s just been hard work, but she is finally starting to see results. Yay!

It’s a good thing, too, because Harold is going to need her next week as he has his second colonoscopy this month. The doctors are attempting to remove a large polyp which they discovered during the first procedure.  If they are unable to remove it via endoscopy, they will have to remove it surgically and resection his colon. This is obviously a more invasive procedure that they’d rather avoid!

Thank you for keeping Harold and Bette in your prayers. Please pray for continued healing, renewed strength and encouragement.