Seven Secrets of a Great Lover

A look at seven secrets to keep your romance hot and your sex life intimate. Our most favorite talk on romance and sex, this fun and practical session will help you increase your sexual intimacy.

Romance and Sex

Romance is simple “love made obvious.” This session provides an overview of how to cherish each other and how to make physical intimacy fun as God intended.

Relationship Skills

This CD provides instruction in the skills required for growing a relationship and how to create harmony in a marriage. It looks at things to avoid (like criticism, gossip and manipulation) and things to practice (like allowing mate to fail, affirmation, etc.) to deepen relational bonding.

More Secrets of Great Lovers

A more “in-depth” look at the Seven Secrets of Great Lovers with more specific suggestions about romance and sex than in the original session defining the Seven Secrets.

How To Handle Anger

Be honest! We all get angry but what should we do about it? Inability to handle anger is the major cause of divorce today. It could be your own anger, your mate’s or someone else’s. Learn how to properly handle anger before your marriage – or any other relationship – suffers.

Fighting Fair

We all fight when we hold on to our own opinion and fail to work towards a mutual agreement. This session gives specific guidelines for constructive fighting. It is a lively and interactive session with the Agree/Disagree technique.  

Couple Decision Making

Why is making decisions as a couple important? How do our roles fit into decision making? These questions, plus how and why to make decisions as a couple, are addressed in this session.

Constructive Conflict

An honest look at the sources of conflict and how to resolve them. Intimacy is forged in the crucible of conflict. This CD provides real solutions for real problems.

Connecting to the Power Source

Reading Scripture and praying together can revolutionize a relationship. Harold and Bette Gillogly provide practical suggestions for how to read God’s Word and pray together regularly.

Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual Intimacy is the most important marital intimacy. This CD describes the 7 dimensions of Spiritual Intimacy — how it enriches the marriage relationship and how we can achieve Spiritual Oneness and closeness.