3-Part Oneness Wedding Candle (With free Newlywed Toolkit)

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The Oneness Wedding Candle is more than a creative decoration for your wedding – it’s a lasting representation of your spiritual union. Whether you’re planning your own wedding ceremony or looking for a meaningful gift for a special couple, the Oneness Wedding Candle is the perfect way to celebrate the oneness created when a husband and wife are joined together by God Himself.

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What God has joined together, let not man separate. (Matt. 19:6)

“Thank you so much for the unity candle [Oneness Wedding Candle].  It made our ceremony more God-glorifying…we are looking forward to lighting it in our home as a symbol of Christ being the foundation of our marriage. [we recommend you light it every anniversary to represent more bonding as the wax melts more and more to bond the 3 pieces more solidly together] Brittany and Phil

Decorate the Oneness Wedding Candle to match your wedding colors

This unique, handcrafted wedding candle consists of two halves, each with a wick. The two halves are lighted by the bride and groom, who place them together during the service. The minister then slides the cylindrical candle sleeve down over them, symbolizing God joining the husband and wife together.

The two lighted wicks are thus united, and rather than blown out as other unity candles, are joined together giving light as one. As the oneness candle burns, the two halves and sleeve melt together and become a single candle.

White in color, each candle stands approximately 11 inches high and is 5 inches in diameter when all pieces are combined. It consists of 8.5 pounds of wax. Lit during the wedding, and then every year in celebration of anniversaries, a couple should be able to enjoy this beautiful, lasting symbol of their love and commitment to oneness for at least 50 years.

The Story Behind the Candle

The Oneness Wedding Candle is more than a creative decoration for your wedding –
it’s a lasting representation of your spiritual union throughout your marriage.

When our former board member, Gladys Hughes, found out she had cancer and was steadily weakening, she asked GTO to take over making her wedding unity candle. Gladys had been making these beautiful, meaningful wedding candles since the day she witnessed a unity candle ceremony during a friend’s wedding. As bride and groom lit the center candle and then blew theirs out, Gladys realized that was not the symbol of what should really happen. The husband and wife do not stop being who they are, rather they join their lives together to become “one.” God describes their oneness to be like the oneness of the God-head (Deuteronomy 6:4 and Matthew 19:4-6).

So Gladys started making a three-part candle which would fit together to make one candle. She had been making them for several years by then and wanted them to go on being made. We, of course, agreed and have been producing them ever since.

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